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Salomon Guardian Coyote

Meeting the on-base uniform requirement, the GUARDIAN is a lightweight, high-performance boot built for traction, marching comfort and durability. Capitalizing on Salomon's knowledge of trail running and hiking, this boot delivers confidence in every situation.
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Salomon Kids' Speedcross Bungee K Trail Running Shoe

The speedcross shoe is built with extra grip for young feet that are ready to move fast and follow you on any terrain. It's time you let them remind you what playing is all about! 
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Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 W Hiking Shoes

Specially designed to accommodate women, the best selling x ultra 3 has evolved into an even more effective hiking shoe. Thanks to descent control technology, this shoe efficiently tackles technical hikes and really shines during tough descents. Wear this breathable pair in warm weather and dirt conditions, and head downhill with a spring in your step. 
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Salomon Kids' XA Pro 3D K Trail Running Shoe

Icons start at a young age. Give them a jump on outdoor development with the junior version of the icon. Xa pro 3D, delivering the grip, stability and protection to propel them to legend status. 
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Salomon Women's Quest 4d 3 GTX W Backpacking Boots

Quest 4D 3 gtx women is all about walking comfort, with technologies to reduce fatigue over the duration of your treks. Light and cushioned with running shoe adapted technology, yet supportive enough for backpacking, this boot helps you get to the next camp site with happier feet. 
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Salomon Men's Evasion 2 Aero Hiking Shoe

Look ahead, go far and play out your dreams. The evasion 2 aero shoe will match your spirit and keep you cool when you head for the sun. 
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Salomon Men's XA Pro 3D Trail Runner

The iconic, proven adventure shoe offers an incredible fit, improved durability, and a grip that inspires confidence.   
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Salomon Odyssey Pro Hiking Shoe - Men's

Set off on an epic journey. The ODYSSEY PRO shoe aims to be your ideal companion, your trustworthy partner. Go seek out the wilderness, for as long and as far as you choose.
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Salomon Women's Wings Pro 2 W-W Trail Runner

If you strap a pair of wings on and decide to fly, you need them to fit as precisely and comfortably as the new wings pro 2 running shoes. With a chassis and upper designed to hold your foot and inspire confidence on technical descents, you'll fly down every trail. 
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Salomon Men's X Ultra Mid Aero Hiking Boot

Ideal for fast hiking in warm climates, the x ultra mid aero combines fit, precision, and aggressive tread of x ultra, with breathability and mid-height support that make it great for even the most rugged trails. `
$84.99 Check it out
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