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Mizuno Women's Wave Tornado X2 Volleyball Shoe

Updated with a better fitting, more secure upper, the Wave Tornado X2 reigns as Mizuno more support volleyball shoe. Running all the way from the heel to the forefoot, the Infinity Wave plate offers supreme shock absorbency for the strenuous jumping and landing that occurs during court play. This shoe is idea for explosive players such as a middle blocker or right side.
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Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoe

The women's Wave lightning Z2 is offered in the same classic/low-cut style. This lightweight shoe features the parallel Wave plate that creates lateral stability -- essential for quick lateral movements during court play. This shoe also provides you optimal comfort and room for any ankle braces while maintaining fit. Ideal for use during both practices and games.
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Mizuno Running Wave Rider 20 Junior Shoes

The Wave rider 20 junior is a transformative run at any age. Wave technology in our youth shoe provides soft, cushioned feel with enhanced responsiveness. Mizuno's dynamotionfit features breathability, movement, and hold when it's needed while running.
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Mizuno (MIZD9) Women's 9-Spike Advanced Finch Elite 3 Fastpitch Cle

The Mizuno women's finch elite 3 fast pitch softball cleats are specifically designed for comfort and durability for elite level fast pitch players. Play aggressively with superior traction, cushioning and stability allowing you to put your best foot forward when you step out on the diamond to face your competition.
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Mizuno Women's 9 Spike ADV Finch Elite 2 Fast Pitch Molded Softball

Mizuno Women's Advanced Finch Elite 2 Molded CleatsDesigned for Elite Fastpitch PlayersMizuno Women's Advanced Finch Elite 2 Molded CleatsDesigned for Elite Fastpitch PlayersJennie Finch's signature model features superior support and cushioning designed for the elite fastpitch player.Mizuno Women's Advanced Finch Elite 2 Molded Cleats features: * Dynamic Synthetic upper for lightweight performance * 9-Spike Advanced outsole design for fastpitch grip * Parallel WAVE Technology cushions for stability * Rubber cleats provide comfort and durability on all fields * Padded "Booty" tongue for superior fit and comfort * Weight: 9.2 oz. Mizuno...Serious Performance!
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Mizuno Men's Wave Paradox 3 Running Shoe

The Wave paradox 3 is built for runners who need maximum support but want the look and feel of a flexible, lightweight trainer. The Wave paradox 3 delivers a dynamic support, a secure fit and a fluid, responsive ride.
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Mizuno Men's 9 Spike Advanced Erupt 3 Softball Cleat

The erupt 3 is ideal for all field surfaces
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Mizuno Women's Wave Tornado 9 Woms Wh-Pk Volleyball Shoe

The Mizuno women's Tornado 9 has been maxed out on technology. Featuring the Infinity Wave plate that has unrivaled cushioning to the Dynamtion fit that relieves stress on the foot eliminating distortion. This shoe was made to take over the court and maybe even the world
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Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 17 Running Shoe

As Mizuno's flagship shoe, the Wave Rider 17 is built for a neutral runner and offers just enough support and cushion for high-mileage training.
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Mizuno Women's Wave Daichi 2 Trail Runner

Go off road in this aggressive yet responsive trail shoe. The Wave Daichi 2 features a Michelin rubber outsole with the same twist lug technology used on their mountain bike tires for an enhanced, durable grip. Our Xtra-Ride technology provides superior adaptability, and strategically placed reinforcements offer a dynamic, supportive ride.
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