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Red Wing Heritage Taslan Shoe Lace

Our taslan boot and shoe laces are an exact factory replacement and come from one of the only united states manufacturers to create laces using the original taslan construction process. This process increases durability, as they do not pill over time. They are braided on belt-fed machines at the same factory that red wing has used for over 80 years.
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Fintoco Round Waxed Designer Dress Shoelaces Metal Tips

You are sure to make a head turning statement when you finish your shoes off with some vibrant Fintoco premium waxed dress shoelaces. Grab a couple of pairs, after all these fine laces are available in a variety colors to match all your socks and shirts. They are finished with metal aglets(tips) that are stamped/engraved with the Fintoco logo. The metal tips really add an outstanding "Finishing Touch". These signature series shoe strings feature premium packaging making them great for gift giving or the perfect little something for your wedding party/groomsmen. They are made of tightly wound/braided cotton and then finished with a wax - this serves two purposes - durability and style. The laces are water resistant, semi-stiff, and have a bit of gloss much like the shoelaces that come with designer shoes. On the tech specs - these laces are currently available in 24 different colors and 4 different lengths 26 inch (65 cm), 30 inch (75cm), 34 inch (85cm), 39inch (100cm). The laces are about 1/8" (.32cm) in diameter (thin) which is standard for dress shoelaces. If you are unsure what length you need, your best bet is to measure your old shoelaces. Length Chart: Eyelets ---- Length 2-3 Pairs ---- 26" (65cm) 4-5 Pairs ---- 30" (75cm) 6-7 Pairs ---- 34" (85cm) 8-9 Pairs ---- 39" (100cm)
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TOMS Women's Deconstructed Alpargata Casual Shoe

The TOMS Deconstructed Alpargata slip-on shoe has a relaxed, easy style that is ready for everyday wear..
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GREATLACES Yellow Gold Brown proTOUGH(tm) Reinforced Kevlar Heavy Duty B

Kevlar reinforced laces are the perfect replacement laces for all working shoe or boot. Even casual shoes can be more comfortable with these high-quality laces. Originally designed for smoke jumpers, these have tough design built right in. The larger diameter allows for an extremely tight tie but will not pinch the instep. The weave design and Kevlar stitching keeps the laces tied better than the older round laces. Today's Kevlar reinforced laces are suitable for all footwear from Jords, or Chucks athletic to quality work shoe or boot. The Kevlar reinforced laces get strength thru their double design. A strong inner core creates a smooth strength member and is then overbraided with polyester and three strands of Kevlar. The polyester synthetic material combination results in a longlasting shoelace while also providing a satisfying stay tied knot all day...or until you pull it for easy release. These laces are truly high quality "Made in the USA" laces designed and manufactured from USA yarns with USA labor. Available in all colors, these brilliant colors will not fade when washed, nor bleed on your shoes or boots when wet. If shoes make the man, then shoelaces make the shoes! Clean high-quality shoelaces can completely change an older pair of shoes. Wear your favorite shoes just a little longer with Greatlaces, the original brand where you always get 2 pair (4 Laces). Greatlaces means you get one for now...and one for later. Put one away or carry the extra pair for an absolutely worry-free day while at work or fun. Proper length is of utmost importance. No shoelaces will last long or remain tied for long if stepped on all day. The best way to get the proper length is to remove the old laces and measure your current laces from tip to tip without stretch. A vertical measurement hanging is best. This measurement is the length needed for your new laces. But don't forget to take into account how the old laces fit.
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YISHU No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults,Elastic Shoelaces for Sneaker

Are you being annoyed by those traditional shoelaces and wanna get rid of them to free your hands and save your time? 1.Silicone is a kind of material with flexibility and durability.Unique grip design, can bear greater tension, so that the shoe laces is difficult to separate from the holes. 2.silicone shoelaces are waterproof and don't get wet in the rain or snow. When they get dirty, simply wipe them off with a wet cloth and they will look brand new! 3.Easy to lace, and needn't to tie once lacing on, once and for all! 4.The very flaxible shoe laces will adjust its tightness so that you don't need to worry the size will not fit you. Usage:Sneaker, Running Shoes, Converse, Board Shoes, Sandals, Casual Shoes and so on.Specifications: 1. Material: Non-toxic silicone rubber, elastic,durable and snugly fit most adults/kids. 2. Easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a wet rag and no need to take them off or reset them. 3. Velcro band-like design. You would never know they aren't real laces with a texture that looks like cloth and match all kinds of shoes. 4. How to install: use a tool like needle nose plier to pull one side of ends of the band into your shoe eyelets before you install another side. Size: 1.61/ 1.75/ 1.91/ 2.07/ 2.22/ 2.38/ 2.58/ 2.8inPackage include: 2 pairs of shoelaces
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Brother Brother (7 Pairs) Colored Oxford Dress Shoe Laces | Shoe Strings

TURN UP THE STYLE WHENEVER YOU LACE UP Variety You'll Love Oh brother, brother, your dress shoes are in for a treat! We believe laces are more than just a means of fastening. They can change the look of your shoes quickly and inexpensively, make a stylish statement in a subtle way, and get a steady stream of compliments floating your way. Match them to your dress shoes or go the daring route with a bit of stylish contrast; the choice is yours! Experience the Difference Not all dress shoe laces are created equal. Some quickly fray a few uses in. Others are too small or awkwardly large. And others look off once you've laced them up. Brother Brother shoe strings are everything proper dress shoe laces should be: cotton, waxed, and round. The 100% cotton design ensures superior durability and keeps them from coming undone, the wax coating makes them water resistant for enhanced longevity, and the classic round look complements just about any oxford, blucher, or derby shoe. Here are more reasons to love this shoelace set: - 2.5mm diameter easily fits the eyelets of most dress shoes. - Thoughtfully-sized at 30 inches for manageable length. - Sturdy, rigid tips make lacing your shoes hassle-free. - Come packed in a dapper gift box for eye-catching presentation. - Backed by a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Give your dress shoes a new lease on life with Oxford shoe laces that last and create a lasting impression!
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GOLAIMAN Waxed Dress Shoe Laces - Round Oxfords Shoelaces Leather Shoe L

GOLAIMAN waxed dress shoe laces are made from 100% cotton, and the wax coating makes them water resistant for enhanced durability. The waxed shoelaces are available in 6 vibrant colors and 5 different lengths to add a finishing touch to dress shoes, fit perfectly for most dress shoes, wingtip oxfords and chukka boots. Apart from adding a sense of fashion to your own footwear, sending them as gifts will also be a good choice, as our laces are packed in a little box.
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Markwort Sweet Spots Lace Protector for Shoes

The Original Sweet Spots keep your laces tied and in place. Pull Sweet Spot on until the wide part covers the laces.
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Shoeslulu 20-59" Premium Round Waxed Canvas Shoelaces Bootlaces

Lots of elegant colors to choose from to match your favorite shoes or boots. For those who know who they are. desire to show who they are. who crave something extraordinary. Putting anything other than these Shoeslulu Premium Round Waxed Canvas Shoelaces/Bootlaces on a pair of your favorite shoes/boots is like putting after- market parts on your new car- you just don't do it. Simply invest in laces that won't let you down and last for years.
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16 Pairs Shimmery 42" Solid Colors Flat Shoelaces Shoe Laces for Te

Unique design Satin Ribbon Shoelaces/Strings; 42inch in total length. For Kids, Infants, Juniors & Adults Package includes:16 pairs of shoelaces in 16 different colors. Sports teams love to coordinate their sneakers with these fashionable shoelaces. It is a very popular item with volleyball, dance, and cheer competitive teams. Brighten up your sneakers,Loafers & Slip-Ons or other casual shoes. Show your personality! Shiny Gold and Silver thread Sport Sneakers Flat Shoelaces Bootlaces Shoe laces Strings.16 Pairs Flat Shoelaces, Shoe Laces For Kids, Youths Women's Sneakers Shoestrings Shoe Strings Good ideal for Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Thanksgiving Day Gift, New Year Gift, etc.
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