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Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System with Elastic Laces - One Size Fits All Adu

Xpand Lacing System (Patent Pending) is truly one of a kind. Brought to life through a Crowdfunding campaign supported by 35,000 people! The Xpand No Tie Elastic Lacing System utilizes our zero memory flat elastic shoelaces allowing you to convert almost any shoe or boot into a fully adjustable no tie slip-on. You can install the Lace Anchors on the inside of the shoe for a hidden look or you can install them on the outside of the shoe and use our Lace End Clips for a professional finished look. The Xpand Lacing System includes (2) 52" Xpand Laces which expand to over 100", 4 Lace Anchors to secure your laces and 4 Lace End Clips to give your laces a finished look when mounting on the outside of the shoe. Our patent pending Lace Anchors secure the laces in place while remaining adjustable. Once you install the tension to your liking, you simply slip your shoes on and off without any further adjustments. Our no tie shoelaces are perfect for runners and triathletes, hikers, bikers, kids, elderly, handicap, people with feet that swell, individuals lacking fine motor skills and anyone else that has trouble with standard shoelaces. Our system will get the whole family out the door in 3 seconds flat! Our system requires no adjustments or hard bulky clamps to squeeze like other systems on the market, simply slip on and go.
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Miscly Round Shoelaces [3 Pairs] 5/32" Thick - For Shoes, Sneakers

Miscly round 5/32" thick shoelaces Looking for new and premium shoelaces? You have found them! Product Specifications ? Polyester ? 5/32" thick ? 5 lengths to choose from (27", 36", 45", 54", 63") ? Premium weave that won't tear or fray Inside package ? 3 pairs (6 laces) packed in our private banding Click the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page now before this LIMITED TIME OFFER expires!
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Flat Shoe Laces 45 inch, 54 inch, 63 inch

Make your shoes one of a kind with new shoe laces.
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Tofl Leather Boot Laces-easy Sizing Cut to Fit

NO Hassle Sizing. 72 Inches Long string. (Measure your old lace string to see if is 72 inches or less.) String them up then Cut to fit. Great For Welders these strings Will Not Burn or Melt. For construction workers You can't do better. Hunters really love them. Leather is a natural product and occasionally there is a weak spot and if it breaks soon after purchase let us know and we will replace it for you. See more details above.
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BIRCH's Shoelaces in 27 Colors Flat 5/16" Shoe Laces in 4 Diff

Choose with your own taste! These are 27 vibrant colors shoelaces of four different lengths! Colors will match with any kinds of your favorite shoes! Put a colorful accent to your shoes! +++ Important: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.
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Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces (Pack of 3)

NO-TIE LACING SYSTEM Turn any pair of lace-up tennis shoes into slip-ons. Lock Laces are the original, PATENTED (US Patent #6026548) no-tie shoelaces with over 3 million pairs sold worldwide STRETCH FIT COMFORT Our elastic laces conform to your foot for a custom fit. Added compression reduces pressure points to make your feet feel better throughout the day so you can perform your best! ONE SIZE FITS ALL For kids AND adults! Lock Laces are 48 inches in length and can fit shoes that require shorter laces thanks to their trim-to-fit design. Each pack includes 3 pairs, suitable for lacing up 3 pairs of shoes. PERFECT FOR EVERYONE Lock Laces are a great gift for seniors suffering from arthritis or other disabilities, children with autism, runners looking to speed their triathlon transition up, or casual users SIMPLE INSTALLATION Quick to install, easy to use. Easy installation instructions and videos provided. *We recommend installing Lock Laces with your foot in the shoe to ensure a proper fit 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE LOCK LACES are guaranteed to last the life of one pair of tennis shoes. We know that once you try them in your shoes, you'll never go back to traditional shoelaces.
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GREATLACES Black w/Black Kevlar proTOUGH(tm) Reinforced Heavy Duty Boot

Soft, comfortable, large diameter bootlaces reinforced with Dupont Kevlar. Standard lengths for quality work shoes and boots. The large diameter assures comfort across the instep. The reinforcing Kevlar assures a no break pull.
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iBungee Stretch Laces

Originally developed for runners and triathletes, iBungee laces are designed for more than just putting shoes on and taking them off quickly. iBungee laces are manufactured using an elastic material that allows them to flex with the foot, resulting in a shoe that fits more uniformly. iBungee laces are a much different concept than standard laces, which don't flex. Runners and athletes using standard laces often report foot numbness, or a feeling of the shoe slipping that can result in blistering, but these problems can be eliminated with the iBungee Stretch Laces. The iBungee Stretch Laces include a Race-Lock fastening system that allow tension on the shoes to be quickly adjusted, almost instantly. For triathletes, this saves time when transitioning into the shoes. Ultra marathon and marathon runners finally have an answer to manage foot swell that occurs naturally during distance runs. With standard laces, when foot swell occurs, the foot begins to press on the shoe and can become a painful situation requiring tying and retying of laces, costing time. With iBungee stretch laces, the elastic material provides greater flex to the shoe and is more accommodating to foot swell than standard laces. Should tension need to be adjusted, the race locks provide quick re-tensioning. Each iBungee set comes with one pair (2 laces) and two Race-Lock fasteners. It's no wonder that iBungee stretch laces are a favorite of professional athletes, the elderly, and young kids. With iBungee stretch laces, you'll never tie shoes again. Quick on, Quick off, and Quick Adjust. It's that simple!
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AKTIVX SPORTS LACES - No Tie Elastic Shoelaces that Lock, Replacement Ru

Running Shoes Matter and so does your Running Gear! AKTIVX SPORTS No Tie Shoelaces for Running Shoes combine high tech with low maintenance! Our AKTIVX SPORTS Laces were voted one of the best Running Accessories of the Year! Bring your Health and Fitness to a whole new level! Replacement Elastic Shoe Laces for men, women, kids, and seniors. These no tie elastic shoelaces provide firm, yet flexible, stretch-fit comfort. They have a unique lace lock that is fast and simple to adjust, and a Non-Slip Lace Clip to protect your elastic shoelace ends from ever coming untied. You will never have to tie your shoe laces again, ever! Parents: reclaim your freedom from the tyranny of shoelace tying instruction and service! AKTIVX SPORTS Laces are a great alternative for youth and children who have difficulty tying their own shoes, and are perfect for young children whose small hands have not yet mastered shoe tying. Even special needs children will benefit from our shoelaces. Why tie, when you can convert any shoe into a slip-on? Great for sensitive feet or those recovering from foot injury like plantar fasciitis, AKTIVX SPORTS Laces provide a supremely comfortable, plush feel for the foot. Ordinary laces provide no give or stretch, and leave you forever tying, re-tying, and untying knots and double knots. Put our laces on your shoes, dial-in the fit, and away you go! Tested on the most popular shoe brands: Nike Shoes, Brooks Running Shoes, Asics Running Shoes, and Adidas Shoes. They fit Basketball and Tennis Shoes as well as Football, Soccer and Baseball Cleats.
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Shoeslulu 20-47" Premium Oxfords Chukka Desert Boot Flat Canvas Sho

Lots of elegant colors to choose from to match your favorite shoes or boots. For those who know who they are. desire to show who they are. who crave something extraordinary. Putting anything other than these Shoeslulu Premium Flat Canvas Shoelaces/Bootlaces on a pair of your favorite shoes/boots is like putting after- market parts on your new car- you just don't do it. Simply invest in laces that won't let you down and last for years.
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