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Icebug Women's Zeal RB9X Traction Running Shoe

The holy grail of trail running is to provide both stability and flexibility, but to make a midsole stable yet soft has so far proven too difficult for PD teams world-wide. Upper material is a light yet durable nylon textile, and together with the lacing system it embraces the foot firmly. But it is the midsole construction, and the HGMS2 technology, that is the true innovation. Zeal provides a stable but soft heel grip, this is the impossible combo, made reality through the moulded midsole cradle on the interior side of the shoe. The midsole not only adds superb fit, it also turns into the reinforcement protecting the foot in serious terrain. The height of the heel cup is slightly reduced at centre back in order to reduce the pressure at the Achilles tendon. The medium last is half lined with Quick dry mesh. The torsion and cushioning is in fine balance and together with the low sole profile the ground control is just outstanding. The outsole cleats are positioned so mud doesn't get stuck, and as if the deep lug pattern wouldn't provide traction enough the RB9X outsole the benchmark among "sticky rubbers"!
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Icebug Women's Pytho2 BUGrip Studded Traction Trail Running Shoe

Womens Icebug Pytho2-L BUGrip :: The Pytho2 is one of our best sellers and is ideal for those looking for the fit and function of a running shoe, with the protection and comfort of a hiking shoe. Built on a wider last and more cushioning in the mid-sole make this shoe ideal. Perfect for those who want to do Obstacle Racing or those who want to train and trail run. Our BUGrip studded sole combined with special lug design make this shoe work anywhere! Our 3D Flow? Exoskeleton holds the foot firmly in place for comfort. wider fit than our Anima2 or Aurora.
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Icebug Men's Now2 Boots

High comfort thanks to PU insock, fleece lining, padded tongue and collar. Front lacing means adjustable fit. This is the product for sneakers users who got tired of getting cold and wet feet and slipping.
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Icebug Women's Cortina BUGsole Studded Winter Boot

One of the best looking women's boots in the line! Great for playing in the snow or walking around the lake or walking the dog. Easy to care for. Features Icebug BUGweb technology that lets you use the carbide tip studs when you need them. True 3 season traction. Long medial side zip for easy entry. Front lace tie for additonal fit. Material: Rubber, nylon, fleece.
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Icebug Women's Spirit4 OLX Studded Off-Trail Running Shoe

Improve your way of running with the all-new Icebug Spirit4 olx Women. Ideal for low volume feet or those who want a snug close fit. The Icebug Spirit4 olx Women help Icebug win the World Championship in Orienteering, and now with the 4th version of it, it keeps getting better. Think the speed of a tracking shoe with the protection and traction of a hiking boot. Specially designed lug system with 14 fixed carbide studs that provides sure-footed traction anywhere, this incredible running shoe also boasts of molded protection areas, all stitches are done with stich and turn technique to protect the tread. Great choice for everyday wear. The Icebug Spirit4 olx Women is sure to help run for miles without the feel.
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Icebug Women's Anima2 BUGrip Studded Traction Running Shoe

Ideal for the runner who wants a shoe comfortable on any trail or terrain without being heavy. This shoe is designed to hold the foot more firmly and offer a little more support without being bulky. 19 studs keep your firmly in control no matter the tarrain. Featuirng a new Weather Shiled designed to offer protection from snow, rain, and wind. Crafted with a knitted textile, protective PU and TPU upper, the Icebug Anima2 Grip Women also features a special hex lugs with carbide studs for sure-footed traction on multiple surfaces. Removable molded EVA insole with mesh liner provides an all-day good-feel, while rubber adds all the comfort and support you need to take off with ease.
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Icebug Men's Ivalo2 BUGrip Boots & E-Tip Glove Bundle

Icebug Men's Ivalo2 BUGrip Boots
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Icebug Women's Kayi BUGrip Studded Traction Running Shoe

Womens Icebug Kayi-L BUGrip :: The new Kayi BUGrip® is built just like our popular DTS shoe, same upper and same great traction system with our patented BUGrip studded system to give you traction when you need it. The difference is the dual-density mid-sole. We added a firmer material under the inside of the foot for those runners who over-pronate. This gives you the added stability for better comfort and less fatigue under foot. All in a super lightweight shoe!
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Icebug Women's Sorix Snow Boot

A waterproof, highly stable, beefy winter boot. Warm and stable, but with a walkable fit. The insulation protects from the cold (up to -40 degrees), water, abrasion, and ankle sprains. It has a unique visual with solid function.
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Icebug Women's Daphne BUGrip Studded Traction Winter Boot

The Icebug Daphne-L BUGrip is a featherweight winter fashion boot that is always on traction. These boots have the essential winter function of insulation and lace-up fit with bonus design. The fleece lining and height of the boot creates a warm micro climate for your feet. Long zip on inside allows easy entrance and elastic gusset accommodates most legs in comfort. The Icebug Daphne-L BUGrip's BUGrip outsole with 16 carbide studs let you stroll safely down the side walk, regardless how slippery it is!
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