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Icebug Men's Trail BUGweb Studded Traction Accessory

The Trail BUGweb is crafted with six fixed carbide tip studs that are permanently mounted in the rubber structure. It fits a corresponding groove pattern in the soles of some ofIcebug's trail products. The BUGweb provides grip at times when it's really needed, for example, on ice and other slippery surfaces.
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Icebugs Women's Sorix Snow Boot

A waterproof, highly stable, beefy winter boot. Warm and stable, but with a walkable fit. The insulation protects from the cold (up to -40 degrees), water, abrasion, and ankle sprains. It has a unique visual with solid function.
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Icebug Men's Spirit2 OLX Walking Shoe

Combines the feeling of a racing flat, with the traction of a fully studded shoe. The perfect companion for all kinds of tough off trail running. Supportive but flexible, to allow the foot to move naturally. Molded protective areas on upper. Non-absorbing materials means minimum weight increase when wet (maximum 20%). Excellent grip with innovative diagonal ridge pattern, that is enhanced to amazing with integrated carbide tip studs. SPIRIT olx is developed for racing and high paced training in rough terrain, for orienteering, cross country and mountain running. If you're into natural running, this is definitely the most minimalist shoe available that will provide you traction for winter!.
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Icebug Men's Sorix Boot

Conquer the cold with Icebug's Sorix boot, which features a warm, insulated lining and a rugged outsole.
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Icebug Women's Spirit4 OLX Studded Off-Trail Running Shoe

Improve your way of running with the all-new Icebug Spirit4 olx Women. Ideal for low volume feet or those who want a snug close fit. The Icebug Spirit4 olx Women help Icebug win the World Championship in Orienteering, and now with the 4th version of it, it keeps getting better. Think the speed of a tracking shoe with the protection and traction of a hiking boot. Specially designed lug system with 14 fixed carbide studs that provides sure-footed traction anywhere, this incredible running shoe also boasts of molded protection areas, all stitches are done with stich and turn technique to protect the tread. Great choice for everyday wear. The Icebug Spirit4 olx Women is sure to help run for miles without the feel.
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Icebug Women's Now3 Snow Boots

The bold option for the urban user with its eye-catching design. Fashion and quality aware costumer that dares to wear something different and who craves tools for higher life quality, but never compromise with style.
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Icebug Women's Anima2 BUGrip Studded Traction Running Shoe

Ideal for the runner who wants a shoe comfortable on any trail or terrain without being heavy. This shoe is designed to hold the foot more firmly and offer a little more support without being bulky. 19 studs keep your firmly in control no matter the tarrain. Featuirng a new Weather Shiled designed to offer protection from snow, rain, and wind. Crafted with a knitted textile, protective PU and TPU upper, the Icebug Anima2 Grip Women also features a special hex lugs with carbide studs for sure-footed traction on multiple surfaces. Removable molded EVA insole with mesh liner provides an all-day good-feel, while rubber adds all the comfort and support you need to take off with ease.
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Icebug Men's DTS Dri BUGrip Running Shoe

The Icebug DTS BUGrip Outdry shoes are stable and cushioned day trainers with outstanding traction on slippery surfaces. They work great with wider feet for all-day comfort. Outdry technology keeps your feet dry and warm in the worst of conditions. The DTS BUGrip shoe excels in long distance training and light trail use.
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Icebug Men's Sorix2 BUGrip Boots & E-Tip Glove Bundle

Icebug Men's Sorix2 BUGrip Boots
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Icebug Men's Vidar Pro BUGrip Boots & E-Tip Glove Bundle

Icebug Men's Vidar Pro BUGrip Boots
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