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Icebug Slim Low Volume Insole with Arch Flex Technology

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Icebug Fat Maximum Cushioning Insole with Arch Flex Technology

Funny name for an insole! Well, this is our most cushioned product. If you?re looking for an insole with maximum cushioning and shock absorption, then the fat is the one for you. Its extra layer of open-cell poliyou foam delivers extra cushioned comfort and support. The double-arc heel design cups the foot and reduces pressure on the plantar fascia. The low friction top cover is longwearing and easy to clean. Ideal for: hiking, running (higher volume shoes), walking, work boots, ski/snowboarding boots, or any high volume shoe. Available in three different arch shapes: high/med/low thickness: 5mm
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Icebug Women's Anima4 RB9X Traction Running Shoe

The iconic Anima has been given a new and modern look, with its fade colored, airy upper mesh. Toe guard and heel cup reinforcement is smaller for smoother fit. Ankle collar and tongue padding is slightly thinner for a snug fit and a more direct running feeling. The padding foam has closed cell which makes it absorb barely any water at all, so the shoes will stay light even on rainy days. The injection molded midsole provides the right level of smooth cushioning for a driven runner, while the narrow heel and low profile ensures control. Anima is made to follow the natural movement of your feet, yet the medium torsion provides enough support for long runs. The way the midsole encloses the heel, connected to the new lacing by the molded lacing extensions, it holds your feet in the right place. The outsole is of course in RB9X traction rubber compound, so there's no need to slow down only because it's rainy and wet.
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Icebug Women's Metro2 BUGrip Boots

Full suede upper wraps the foot for comfortable fit and clean cut look. Elastic top collar makes for easy entrance and no abrasion when walking. Achilles pull loop and grippy silicone zipper pull tab make Metro easy to take on and off. Running shoe platform with ESS stabilizer and lots of forefoot rocker results in a foot friendly boot with outstanding walking properties.
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Icebug Men's DTS2 BUGrip Studded Traction Running Shoe

Stable, cushioned every day trainer with outstanding traction on slippery surfaces. With DTS Icebug aim high in terms of comfort, with rich soft padding in collar and a wide foot shaped ergonomic last that your feet will love instantly. The upper in rip stop nylon is both durable and water repellent. The high torsion and fully cushioned midsole result in a stable shoe perfect for recreational winter runners and long distance training. The BUGrip outsole allows you to maintain the pace and keep the stride relaxed at all different kinds surfaces you encounter during a full winter of running. Material: Nylon, mesh, rubber.
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Icebug Women's Diana BUGsole Winter Boot

Looking for a new winter boot? Then let us help by introducing you to the new Icebug Diana-L BUGsole women's boot, this fantastic waterproof winter boot is aesthetically appealing and comes loaded with amazing comfort features. Crafted with suede leather with ripstop nylon and fleece accents, this beautiful boot also has a full side zipper and adjustment lace up front for a more personalized and accessible fit! Featuring a Ortholite removable footbed, this boot also has a EVA with nylon shank midsole that will provide you with incredible stability while its grippy rubber BUGsole gives you excellent traction in all winter conditions. So don't think twice, and make the new Icebug Diana-L your go-to boots this winter!
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Icebug Daphne BUGrip Studded Boots - Women's

The Icebug Daphne BUGrip is a warm and fashionable winter boot with the outstanding traction of a BUGrip carbide studded sole. It has a side zipper for easy entry and full length laces to ensure a precise fit. The Daphne's tall, fleece lined upper provides water-resistant protection and insulation against the cold.
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Icebug Women's Speed BUGrip Studded Hiking Boot

Fitness walkers, hikers and anyone who works outdoors are sure to love the amazing Icebug Speed BUGrip Women boot. The 16 carbide studs and aggressive tread pattern keep you moving no matter the conditions. Secure lacing makes for a great walking shoe. Fleece lining and isolation keeps you comfortable to -4 F degrees. Removable Ortholite footbed provides all-day underfoot support, while EVA with ESS stabilizer midsole provides all the stability you need to take off. Great for the colder months, don't let anything slow you down with the all-new Icebug Speed BUGrip Women boot.
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Icebug Men's Mist RBX 9 Trail Runner

Imagine a warm summer day, what could be more appreciated by your feet than a tightly fitting airy mesh upper on a very capable running shoe platform? That's exactly what the new style Mist offers. The very open mesh upper creates a perfect foot climate on hot summer days, and the molded TPU lacing extensions ensures a great fit. Needless to point out maybe, but the wet weight of Mist is pretty much the same as when being dry. The midsole is stable and has a low (5mm) drop which is an all-round great combo for a shoe with a wide range of target activities. The RB9X outsole provides superb traction even on wet surfaces, yet it matches the durability of an asphalt running shoe.
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Icebug Men's Pytho3 BUGrip Studded Traction Running Shoe

FEATURES of the Icebug Men's Pytho3 BUGrip Shoe Racer/trainer/distance shoe with BUGrip sole for extreme traction Ideal racing shoe for trail runners and obstacle course racers and a daily trainer for light, natural runner, the Pytho3 is provides an outstanding balance of trail feel and trail protection Low profile and flexibility allow for good terrain feel, while enabling the foot to move naturally Nylon uppers absorb minimal water and have great water repellency PU protective trim on toe box and heel increase durability
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