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Icebug Men's Mist RBX9 Trail Runner

Imagine a warm summer day, what could be more appreciated by your feet than a tightly fitting airy mesh upper on a very capable running shoe platform? That's exactly what the new style Mist offers. The very open mesh upper creates a perfect foot climate on hot summer days, and the molded TPU lacing extensions ensures a great fit. Needless to point out maybe, but the wet weight of Mist is pretty much the same as when being dry. The midsole is stable and has a low (5mm) drop which is an all-round great combo for a shoe with a wide range of target activities. The RB9X outsole provides superb traction even on wet surfaces, yet it matches the durability of an asphalt running shoe.
Icebug Men's Mist RBX9 Trail Runner

Icebug Men's Mist RBX9 Trail Runner Details

  1. Removable molded EVA with mesh liner
  2. Molded lacing extensions ensure a great fit
  3. Airy open mesh keeps feet cool and allows for quick drying
  4. Rubber 9 Extreme compound, RB9X, provides superior traction on wet and dry surfaces

Price: $84.95

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