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Icebug Fat Insole? High Arch-U

Funny name for an insole! Well, this is our most cushioned product. If you?re looking for an insole with maximum cushioning and shock absorption, then the fat is the one for you. Its extra layer of open-cell poliyou foam delivers extra cushioned comfort and support. The double-arc heel design cups the foot and reduces pressure on the plantar fascia. The low friction top cover is longwearing and easy to clean. Ideal for: hiking, running (higher volume shoes), walking, work boots, ski/snowboarding boots, or any high volume shoe. Available in three different arch shapes: high/med/low thickness: 5mm
Icebug Fat Insole? High Arch-U

Icebug Fat Insole? High Arch-U Details

  1. Insole with maximum cushioning and shock absorption
  2. Icebug insoles address the three on your feet: medial, lateral, metararsal
  3. React like a stability ball and respond to your body type and activity
  4. Arch flex system technology support your foot's structure and provide an energy return with every step

Price: $15.03

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