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Brooks Mens PureCadence 6

Brooks PureCadence 6 Running Shoe The Brooks PureCadence 6 is a lightweight supportive running shoe, perfect for runners looking for a more minimal, connected experience. Air Mesh Upper The upper of the PureCadence 6 is constructed of an air mesh that encases each foot in breathable comfort. The mesh allows air to fully permeate the entire upper providing a constant supply of fresh, cool air, while simultaneously forcing out hot muggy air that resides during high-intense activities. In addition, the upper offers a 3D Fit Print overlays that serve not just as protection and support to the upper for high abrasion resistance, but also a superb and snug fit thus blending support, comfort and protection in one. DNA Midsole The DNA midsole is a cushioning technology that is soft and comfortable. It carries the footwell and even moulds itself to the shape of the underfoot, allowing the platform to fully support the curvature of the underfoot. Having the cushioning and support helps to lessen the impact placed upon your joints as well as attenuating shock, minimising the potential risk of injury or discomfort. The midfoot transition zone is designed to propel your movements from the heel to toe, especially for neutral runner to maintain the most efficient gait possible. In addition, the midsole offers dynamic support through the DNA midsole. This construction provides overpronators superb stability through the longer miles keeping your gait as natural as possible, thus preventing any unwanted injuries. Durable Rubber Outsole The durable rubber outsole of the PureCadence provides exceptional durability to deliver a sustainable performance time and time again. In addition, the outsole possesses high grip and traction properties to ensure a firm, assured foothold so you can run with both comfort and confidence. Propulsion pods are situated throughout the outsole for additional comfort as well as helping to maximise your range motion. Lastly, strategically placed f
Brooks Mens PureCadence 6

Brooks Mens PureCadence 6 Details

  1. DNA Midsole - Adapts to your specific weight, pace, gait and running surface offering a customised cushioning and spring to your step.
  2. EVA Insole - Provides next to foot cushioning and enhances moisture management.
  3. 3D Fit Print Technology - Provides a seamless upper for streamlined support.
  4. Air Mesh Upper - Provides ventilation, keeping your feet feeling cool and comfortable.

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