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Ballet Shoes for Girls Split Sole Flats Leather Dance Shoes

Girls Ballet ShoesColor: Pink,Nude,BlackClassic and round head design ,get the greatest attraction when you are dancing.1.Both upper and sole are soft, can bear any bend or twist and will not hurt the feet.2.Fully lined with absorb sweat and strong permeability, let you rotate capriciously, immersed in the beautiful melody.3.Lightweight slippers to let your feet breath. Very comfortable. Recommended by professional ballet instructors.Size Chart:Foot Length: 5.3inches-Toddler 6.5M--Size:155Foot Length: 5.5inches-Toddler 7M--Size:160Foot Length:5.7 inch-Toddler 8M--Size:165Foot Length:5.9 inch-Toddler 8.5M--Size:170Foot Length:6.1 inch-Toddler 9M--Size:175Foot Length:6.3 inch-Toddler 9.5M--Size:180Foot Length:6.5 inch-Toddler 10M--Size:185Foot Length:6.69 inch-Little Kid 11M--Size:190Foot Length:6.89 inch-Little Kid 11.5M--Size:195Foot Length:7.09 inch-Little Kid 12M--Size:200Foot Length:7.28 inch-Little Kid 12.5M--Size:205Foot Length:7.48 inch-Little Kid 13M--Size:210Foot Length:7.68 inch-Little Kid 1M--Size:215Foot Length:7.87 inch-Little Kid 1.5M--Size:220Foot Length:8.07 inch-Little Kid 2M--Size:225Foot Length:8.27 inch-Little Kid 2.5M--Size:230Foot Length:8.47 inch-Little Kid 3M--Size:235Foot Length:8.66 inch-Big Kid 3.5M--Size:240Foot Length:8.86 inch-Big Kid 4M--Size:245Foot Length:9.06 inch-Big Kid 5M--Size:250
Ballet Shoes for Girls Split Sole Flats Leather Dance Shoes

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