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AKTIVX SPORTS LACES - No Tie Elastic Shoelaces that Lock, Replacement Ru

Running Shoes Matter and so does your Running Gear! AKTIVX SPORTS No Tie Shoelaces for Running Shoes combine high tech with low maintenance! Our AKTIVX SPORTS Laces were voted one of the best Running Accessories of the Year! Bring your Health and Fitness to a whole new level! Replacement Elastic Shoe Laces for men, women, kids, and seniors. These no tie elastic shoelaces provide firm, yet flexible, stretch-fit comfort. They have a unique lace lock that is fast and simple to adjust, and a Non-Slip Lace Clip to protect your elastic shoelace ends from ever coming untied. You will never have to tie your shoe laces again, ever! Parents: reclaim your freedom from the tyranny of shoelace tying instruction and service! AKTIVX SPORTS Laces are a great alternative for youth and children who have difficulty tying their own shoes, and are perfect for young children whose small hands have not yet mastered shoe tying. Even special needs children will benefit from our shoelaces. Why tie, when you can convert any shoe into a slip-on? Great for sensitive feet or those recovering from foot injury like plantar fasciitis, AKTIVX SPORTS Laces provide a supremely comfortable, plush feel for the foot. Ordinary laces provide no give or stretch, and leave you forever tying, re-tying, and untying knots and double knots. Put our laces on your shoes, dial-in the fit, and away you go! Tested on the most popular shoe brands: Nike Shoes, Brooks Running Shoes, Asics Running Shoes, and Adidas Shoes. They fit Basketball and Tennis Shoes as well as Football, Soccer and Baseball Cleats.
AKTIVX SPORTS LACES - No Tie Elastic Shoelaces that Lock - Replacement Running Shoe Laces for Men - Women - Adults - Seniors & Kids Sneakers - Cleats - Boots

AKTIVX SPORTS LACES - No Tie Elastic Shoelaces that Lock - Replacement Running Shoe Laces for Men - Women - Adults - Seniors & Kids Sneakers - Cleats - Boots Details

  1. EASY TO INSTALL - One size fits all. Slip your shoes on your feet before installing on your favorite pair of kicks. The laces will stretch to fit around your foot. Installation is a breeze and takes less than 5 minutes.
  2. EXTRA STRONG LACE CLIP - The extra strong No Slip Lace Clip contains 9 hardened plastic teeth to ensure once it's clipped it never comes off.
  3. PERFECT FOR ADULTS AND KIDS - Whether you're a high performing athlete or a senior with arthritis, our elastic laces are perfect for Runners, Tennis, Health and Fitness Enthusiast, Cross Fitters, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Marathons, Volleyball, and even children with special needs.
  4. NEVER STOP TO TIE AGAIN - Turn any shoe into a slip-on. Shave valuable time off your morning routine or your triathlon transition.

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