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Shimano Men's RP3 Road Cycling Shoes

With SPD and SPD-L compatibility, the Shimano SH-RP3 Road Shoes are perfect for club and recreational cyclists that want comfort, efficiency and all-around performance. Lightweight fiberglass-reinforced sole gives a direct connection to the pedals for increased power output while the synthetic leather upper enhances strength and stability. Air intake/exhaust system offers continuous ventilation, Shimano's Dynalast promotes a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke, and dual offset straps with micro-adjust ratchet provide a snug, pressure-free fit. Lightweight fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole achieves the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance Shimano Dynalast ergonomically secures the foot for a more efficient upstroke Synthetic leather upper is supple and stretch-resistant, plus its lighter, stronger and more durable than natural leathers Integrated air intake and exhaust system keeps feet dry and fresh Supple padded tongue adds comfort Dual offset straps relieve pressure points Micro-adjustable, 2-position buckle for precise fit management Wider cleat adjustment range for the ideal shoe-pedal fit Best matched with Shimano PD-R550, PD-R540, PD-540-LA, PD-A520* Pedals *SPD pedals can be used only with SPD cleats with the adapter SM-SH40
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Round Shoelaces [3 Pairs] 5/32" Thick - For Shoes, Sneakers & B

Miscly round 5/32" thick shoelaces Looking for new and premium shoelaces? You have found them! Product Specifications ? Polyester ? 5/32" thick ? 3 lengths to choose from (27", 36", 45", 54", 63") ? Premium weave that won't tear or fray Inside package ? 3 pairs (6 laces) packed in our private banding Click the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page now before this LIMITED TIME OFFER expires!
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OrthoStep Round Athletic Shoelaces 2 Pair Pack

These 1/8" Wide (NOT VERY THICK) Round Shoe Laces are High Quality Athletic Shoelaces. Our 1/8" Round Replacement laces comes in a 2 pair pack (4 Laces). We have 14 colors for you to choose from, "Black, Brown, White, Navy, Red, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Royal Blue, Tan, Light Gray, Gray, Dark Gray, We have 13 different lengths to choose from, VARIES FROM COLOR TO COLOR, 24", 27", 30", 32", 34", 36", 40", 45", 48", 54", 60", 63", 72", SOME COLORS HAVE LIMITED SIZES. For Sizing info: The best way to find the length of shoelace you need: Remove the current shoelace from the shoe, measure it from tip to tip, This is the length for the new shoelace - keeping in mind to add or subtract to your new laces if your old laces are too long or too short. MADE IN THE USA
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Arizona Men's Open-Toe 'Cork Footbed' 2-Strap Sandal in M

**** Please read: Arizona sandals fit roomy (both in width as in length) for orthotic arch support as intended. Go down 1 size if you prefer a very tight fit without any wiggle room for your toes! **** Arizona Men's Open-Toe 'Cork Footbed' 2-Strap Sandal in Mocha Birko-Flor Nubuk [New Style], 45 M EU - 12-12.5 US Men (a special texture made from Birko-FlorŪ, Nubuk materials). It is a double buckle mule with a classic suede CORK footbed (not soft footbed). Upper - Birko FlorŪ is a material developed by BirkenstockŪ as an alternative to leather. Birko FlorŪ is made of soft acrylic and polyamide felt fibres with a durable smooth leather-like finish. Footbed- suede Sole - Synthetic. Birkenstocks are designed to be roomy. When you first try your sandals they might feel big. Most people are fine with a regular fitting, but if your foot moves side to side when you walk and adjusting the strap does not help, a narrow fitting may be more suitable. To check the width of a pair of Birkenstocks you already own, you can tell by inspecting the foot bed where there is a small image of a foot. If it's filled in the shoe is a narrow (N) fitting, and if it's an outline it's a normal/regular (M) fitting. (Product update: newly updated model (latest production 01/2017); Arizona may now ship in the original white shoe box or the newly designed Birkenstock shoe box (new blue shoe box design with handy size measuring guide printed on inside of shoe box). Sandals may now also come with black (instead of yellow) lettering on footbed. Blue shoe box design and black print will be gradually introduced).
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Pedag 172 Leather Naturally Tanned Sheepskin Insole with Activated Carbo

LEATHER: Turbo freshness thanks to activated carbon. Naturally tanned sheepskin leather allows the foot to breathe and absorbs humidity so foot stays fresh and dry. Leather prevents odor, keeps feet, socks and stockings fresh and protects the inside of the shoe. The Pedag Brand: Pedag is a Euro Comfort brand of footcare. Pedag merges 3 elements: Nature, Science and Technology to produce products that are good for the modern foot. Nature is found in Pedag's use of high quality natural materials such as vegetable tanned leather, pure cotton, wool, sisal, water based adhesives and active carbon and silver ions for odor control. Science is found in Pedag's use of supportive, anatomically correct footbeds and inserts that support the arches, muscles and ligaments of the foot. Supporting the foot adequately provides a base from which to support the ankles, hips and spine. Pedag orthotics stress Support rather than simple Cushioning. You will find Pedag orthotics that address: Heel pain, fallen arches, spreading feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Pronation and Supination, different leg lengths, Achilles Tendonitis and many other foot problems. Pedag is different. Even our flat, non-orthotic insoles are different because they too combine Nature, Science and Technology. Pedag insoles (orthotic or plain) allow the foot to breathe inside the shoe, keeping feet and shoes fresh. Did you know the foot produces a shot glass of perspiration daily. Insoles that absorb moisture, breathe and prevent odor are necessary for healthy feet. Technology is found in Pedag's modern manufacturing facilities in Germany (even though much of the production of our insoles is still done by hand), stringent quality controls and introduction of cutting edge technologies such as nano ions of silver for permanent odor prevention in several of our insoles and an innovative new material to insulate against cold.
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ECCO Men's Soft VII Oxford

Men's Ecco, Soft 7 Lace up Shoe These men?s sneakers check the right boxes for both comfort and style! Leather upper Lace up closure for a secure fit Smooth leather and fabric lining Leather covered cushioned footbed for added comfort ECCO Comfort Fibre System keeps feet fresh and dry all day long Lightweight textured rubber outsole
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Zelten Unisex Feiyue Classic Canvas Kung Fu Shoes

Brand StoryFeiyue originated in Shanghai in the 1920s and are manufactured by a company called DaFu.The shoes are a staple for almost all wushu practitioners and athletes in China with the shoes even being used by numerous shaolin monks and kung fu masters. The shoes are a popular export with numerous foreign martial arts clubs and schools importing them as the standard shoes for their students. History of Feiyue1920s A cloth shoe is manufactured in China, this was to later evolve into Feiyue years later. In 1958, Da Fu Rubber Company designed and produced a kind of civil Jiefang shoe known as FEIYUE. These were a modification of the cloth shoes used by the Shaolin monks.Now,Fueyue Vintage,Fueyue LO,Fueyue Plain,Fueyue Clounds,Fueyue Soldier,Fueyue Delta, Fueyue Style,Fueyue Kid series are popular in the world.Today,The shoes are continued to be used today in China for general lifestyle & leisure, martial arts,kung fu,tai chi,parkour,free running,boxing,training, running, especially for martial arts and military training and are used by touring Shaolin monks around the world.They are also popular worldwide amongst practitioners of parkour for their light weight, thin sole, and flexibility.Notice to ClientsIn China,Feiyue shoes has two manufaturer ---- Dafu and Dabowen,Dafu is the brand owner,and the serial no.of Feiyue shoes is 501,the logo is round symbol.As the historical reason,Dabowen just can be use the brand name,and the serial no. is 511,the logo is an triangle symbol.Most people like the Dafu Feiyue,the Shaolin monks and Orlando Bloom,either.As the technical and QC, Dafu Feiyue will better than Dabowen Feiyue, so the price also higher.But we provide all these two shoes to you for choose.
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Flat Shoe Laces 45 inch, 54 inch, 63 inch

Make your shoes one of a kind with new shoe laces.
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Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes

Our Zol Predator MTB shoes, are made for eating up the terrain, be it road or indoor bike.
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BIRKENSTOCK Women's BIRK-129423 Arizona Sandal

Lightweight and waterproof, these Arizona style sandals are ideal for leisure and beach wear. They're made with EVA and feature double adjustable straps, a heel cup and extra arch support. Designed with comfort in mind, the footbed is fully moulded to fit the natural curve of your feet. Plus, they're shock absorbing so they offer the highest comfort when you walk. Please note due to the nature of the EVA material properties and the result of the moulding process, slight variations in sizing may occur. Material: Synthetic.
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